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Hey sorry this journal is a bit late. My computer came back defective so it has to be sent in..... I'm not ignoring anyone, just gotta get my computer fixed.... Again
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OK sorry guys it’s been awhile since I did my last review and with this one I am hoping this is the

start of a more frequent reviews and a new segment called Extra Credit Corner (ECC for short) in

which I review story dlcs for games. And with that out of the way, its time to start the new

review. (WARNING: MIGHT BE SPOILERS and SOME language!)

During my time with no computer I was lucky enough to be able to play two games. Both exclusives on

opposite counsels. These games were Bloodborne and Sunset Overdrive. I will be reviewing both of

them, but I am going to start with Sunset Overdrive for reasons that will become clear later. This

game was made by Insomniac (same guys who brought you the good old Ratchet and Clank series) and

was released on October 26, 2015 as a flag ship game for the Xbox one. Was it the title that

everyone is building it up to be? Well that’s what we are here to find out.

Sunset Overdrive is about an unnamed protagonist (called “Player”) who lives in sunset city, a

large metropolis area home to a lot of people. One night the company he works for, Fizzco, releases

an energy drink called “Over Charge” which then turns the populous into horrible creatures simply

called “OD” and you narrowly escape with your life. You then meet up with two survivors and try to

find a way out of the city. Along the way you meet interesting factions as you do what you can to

escape the city. Now this is me containing all of the spoilers as much as possible before giving

away the base of this game, in other words, the long and short. But NOW let’s see what’s so great

about this game.

First off the movement in this system. This game focuses a lot on parkour and like movements.

Movements such as running on walls, grinding on rails, bouncing on various items to jump higher, in

Sunset Overdrive, mobility is your best friend, and more so than any other game. Between getting

shot at by the various enemies (will explain later) or just trying to get from point A to point B

faster, Sunset Overdrive has you covered. It also helps when you are trying to fight back against

the many horrible enamies you will fight, but lets talk about that. Fighting in this game.

In Sunset Overdrive, you will be able to acquire a hug arsenal of original guns that all feel new

and fresh. Guns like: “The Flaming Compensator” for example is a shotgun that shoots fire at its

enemies, and on higher levels, this gun will take care of most enemies in one shot, Or “The Dude”,

a Bowling ball launcher designed to kill a lot of heavy enemies (also it’s a great throwback to the

movies “The Big Lebowski” ).  More to the point, this game had a LARGE collections of

interesting weapons. These weapons you could get could also be best used against a certain type of

enemy, like a few could be more usful against a bigger od then a smaller one, some were better used

on humans, and some were better used on robots. And if that wasn’t enough, let’s talk about Amps.

Amps are like a sort of “add-on” if you will, that gives your weapons and character additional

properties. These could be like an App that can add rockets coming out of every few bullets, or one

that can make your dodge rolls deadly, and even one where you can summon electricity from the sky

simply by walking and being awesome! But in order to use these, you have to get you Style Meter up,

which is basically a meter that fills up as you do more varied stunts, like shooting from a grind

rail or bouncing and then switching to grinding and then back and forward, frequently.  It was

a really creative way for your character to be further customized and tailored to you….but now lets

talk about the customization. I was absolutely impressed by the customizations in this game,

Between the hairstyles, the clothing types, hats, tattoos, and all, I was EXTREMELY happy with

everything you could do in terms of customization in this game. It made it so you could feel like

YOUR character was TRULY your own and would stand out amongst the other factions in this game.

Now this was another creative aspect in the game. The ally factions in this game, of the 4 that

existed, were all memorable and were all (mostly) nice additions into the game. You had the

Oxfordian’s, who were smart kids who were in Sunset City at the time, Troop Bushido who are a bunch

of scouts who studied the arts of the ninja, The Fargarths who are a bunch of LARP’ers who live in

the time of medieval, and last and probably my most FAVORITE faction, Las Catrinas who are bunch of

Cheerleaders who have their faces painted up like those of the skulls of those of Cinco De Mayo who

reside in a hospital to protect a bunch of sick children. All of these factions in the world made

it feel like it had a since of humor (though to be fair it’s called the Awesomepocolypse so you can

kinda guess that from that title) in the world, and again, made it certainly stand out above the

other sort of post-apocalyptic games.

THAT being said, and all of these facts added up, is this the flagship game the Xbox One needed?

Was this one of the games that was to make it stand out from the PS4 games? Is this game as good as

every other reviewer said? Short answer, NO! No…Not by a long shot. For as this game had a lot of

good things going for it, its short comings are many and massive, one in particular almost made me

give up the game entirely.

Let’s start with the enemies. IN the game there are three factions that you fight: The OD, The

Scabs, and the Fizzco robots. The OD (who for most of the game you see) Come in a variety of shapes

and sizes. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, but what made them stand out was that they

were all different. The problem here (and the small one at that) was that none of the NAMES were

memorable. They all had traits that separated them from each other, but their names were so bland

and uninspired that they are easily forgettable. Thankfully they are at least different enough that

if you will not remember them by name, there appearance is enough to jog the memory of their

function. Next up the scabs. But before I go on, I need to give a fair warning that I will be using

that word “uninspiring” a lot in this half of the review. The Scabs are essentially the humans who

did not join a faction, and have just decided to be jerks to everyone else JUST because. I know you

can write it off as “oh they are bandits and that’s there motive and blah blah blah!” Which is

fair, but they literally just sorta show up with no real motive or intent for anything else. They

are just natural dicks and that’s it. I see in them some potential that was for the most part lost.

And FINALLY, the Fizzco bots. These walking metal monsters show up early in the game, but don’t

REALLY become a threat until the last half of the game…which they completely replace the OD mostly.

Early on when you fight them, there is a VERY limited selection of weapons that will substantially

harm them, which is BS because they are also really hard hitting enemies to which you have very

little advantage over, which I feel was a little bit unfair, though it gets better as it goes on.

Overall all of the enemies trail back to the OD though, as a lot of different Scabs and FIzzco bots

are all based off (either loosely or almost rip off levels in some parts) an OD type you have

already met, and to me that was, wait for it,….. Uninspired.

Now for one of the BIGGER problems for me, the main characters. Now don’t get me wrong there were A

LOT of good characters here….but some were so bad I had to sigh and ask myself “WHY!?!” Don’t

understand? Oh you will in a minute, let’s take  BIGGEST offenders of this: The Main


The character you play as (simply called Player in game and will be called such for the rest of the

review) was a janitor at the time of the incident, and becomes a hero at the end (or rather

accurately later when he decides he wants to be) at the beginning of the game, he is sorta

confused, and later he starts learning the ropes and is more confidant….THEN he degrades into full

on asshole. Now I mean not being OCASSIONALLY mean, I mean more than 90% of the time I found him to

be extremely unlikable. He then becomes a sniveling whiney guy who is entitled because he is the

main character of the game (I know you can be male or female but I played as male so I am sorta

going in that direction of ID-ing the Player) and that’s all there is. He starts telling horrible

jokes, he starts building people up only to tear them down, making fun of his so called “friends”

and he is constantly, always, never not, talking. At this point in the game I sorta just wanted it

to be over, it felt like the devs were not sure if they wanted a real character, or just the

biggest “dude bro” they could make up. And then at the end (spoiler) when he “dies” I am supposed

to feel bad for him? No. If I didn’t know the ending of the game beforehand I would have started to

cheer and then leave the game, but alas, he breaks the fourth wall and rewinds the game to make his

own BS ending that just BEGS for a  sequel… *sighs* (spoiler over).  I feel as though the

main character should have had like a set of dialog choices to make when talking or being talked

to, I felt that was a missed opportunity that could have resulted in more immersive characters.

Also I will address the fourth wall while I am talking about it. In this game it is REALLY common

place, like more so than it needed to be. A lot of the forth wall jokes had me groaning and

moaning, hoping that would have been the last one I had heard. Some of the jokes were good, most

were not however.

And now finally. The technical aspect of the game. This game is barely a year old and STILL it has

one of the worst, gaming breaking glitches I have ever seen, and before  I talk about the

minor annoyances, I am gonna talk about this one. About 4/5ths into the game I happened upon a cut

scene in which I am to earn the loyalty of the Las Catarinas. Everything went alright at first, and

then the npc started moving her mouth, but no sound was said, and the back ground music was still

going. I thought “oh no big deal it happens sometimes.” Then my character started talking and

everything was ok. Then the kid started to talk…or rather tried, as his lips moved and again,

nothing. I figured maybe it’s this mission so whatever I can trudge on. Things only got worse as I

kept going, the background music started repeating, the sound effects started cutting in and out,

and it got so bad, that even in cut scenes, rather than any dialog or lip syncing, the characters

only did there idle animations and then skipped right into the mission, with no context as to what

I was doing. This was the WORST thing about this game straight up, that insomniac’s apparent “dream

game” was able to mess up this bad is a disgrace to this game, and easily knocks the game down more

than a few pegs in my book. And as far as I know there have been no updates that have corrected

this problem, which is downright disgusting for this game. Dream game huh? You guys….dreams are

usually good things…this was more like a nightmare blemish on the most “Meh” game of all.

Other little things that made this game not as good as everyone and there mother say it is are the

following: The Oxfordian faction was the most forgettable. Sam, being the only thing about that

faction that is even worth remembering, was one of the weakest characters of the story (Besides

Flyod who was mega annoying -_- ). Also, the characters remind you of the main story mission…


annoying mechanic that drove me up the wall and I still wonder WHY it was in the game at all. The

combat vs. aerial enamies was very wonky at best, meaning sometimes you might shoot them and the

projectile might bounce right off of them and do no damage, and no it didn’t matter the weapon, I

tried it with multiple. Another combat thing was those super awesome amps. I did notice they were

there, but the rate at which the super special awesome secondary effects (Rocets from every bullet,

freezing the enemy in place ect.) were sorta, no pun intended, secondary to me, I spent little to

no time worrying about them and just equipped them on there just because I could, and not expecting

them do really benefit me in anyway. LASTLY, in terms of game play, the hit detection in terms of

when a grind was initiated was spotty as well. Sometimes when I would land a jump on a grind rail,

I would press the corresponding button to initiate the grind, and instead I would only dodge roll

away from the rail. THE ACTUAL LASTLY was that I had someone watching me play that game over my

shoulder and it would be aggravating, I would want to play the game and he would immediately tell

me “oh no I would do this” or “no no I would RATHER use that”. More to the point, if someone is

telling you how to play the game, stop playing the game, it deludes the fun, and it is not

enjoyable in the slightest.

SO after all that what do I think of this game? There is definitely a lot of problems with this

game, and for Insomniac’s “dream game” this was a far cry of what I expected for there “dream” to

be. But, that being said there is also a lot of fun to be had from this, so my final score…

8/10. This was an above average game and nothing more. Anyone who gives this game anything more

than that is an idiot. Also this game had DLCS that I could review but I am not. They were both ok

but nothing really to write home about so in lou of an Extra Credit Corner, I am just gonna give

them a flat 3/5 for both of them, making the score go up to 14/20. Again its above average and is

worth a play, but after you play it once, do not play it again. That’s all and thank you all for

reading this (to those of you who did ^^)
Sunset Overdrive Review.
Alright guys this is my first Review I am posting on this site ^^ tell me what you think and what I can do to get better. Also, if you guys give me a name of a game I may review it next ^^ 
HEY GUYS! 8D I finally got my computer back 83 so expect some stories (finally x3) and some reviews (finally x3). I am just SOOOOOOO HAPPY! 8D 
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So Yesterday I Beat Bloodborne. All I can say is that game is awesome and is my all time fav game. I will review it later ^w^ but OMG that game is the shit. Move over Lose-chesters, there's a new hunter in town... And he/she can kick your ass by him/herself x3 leave the hunter to the pros. Haters gonna hate x3.
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This movie was SO cool! The fighting was awesome, and my favorite character (Lord Beerus) came back in this movie, which made me happy.
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Hey sorry this journal is a bit late. My computer came back defective so it has to be sent in..... I'm not ignoring anyone, just gotta get my computer fixed.... Again
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Not ur avarage joe
Artist | Student
United States
Hello, I am Kill-zone


and I have tuns of friends on here and some rise above the others and if ur on this list then u r undenibly important 2 me (in no order)

:iconraynahero200: This woman is AMAZING! I feel very lucky that she is my Girlfriend. Where do I start whith her? There is so much to say about her tht...oh wow. She is VERY talented Artist. I can always rely on her to make me feel good when I am down. She is nice, easy to talk to, a GOOD rp'r, a FANTASTICLY creative, fun loving woman that I am happy to have met. One of our BEST memories we had is when we killed Gannon 2gether and had beany burritos :)

:iconpixelfishy: Is also awsome and I can also vent 2 her and she can vent 2 me and I try to talk to her when ever I can. her and I have had intresting rps XD

:iconladyxarity: Can't forget my gamer sis! 8D This Friend of mine is an Xbox fanatic and usually loves games about sciance (spelle wrong XD) gone wrong and she is a WONDERFUl story writer and artist ^^. She is REAL cool and the SHIT! 8D If u need a Badass, Xarity is the final destination in the form of ULTRA BADASSERY! (XBOX SISTER FOREVS! 8D) ALso she ALWAYS has good ideas...and none of them fall short of Greatness!

:iconroxypaw: My Peverted twin (Yes I know u sis XD ) I feel kinda bad that I didn't really metion her till now :c SO, This twin of mine is REALLY awesome and a REAL Boss artist. She I can always talk to when it comes to problems and she has REAL awesome advice ^w^ She is easy to talk to (WHEN I CAN talk to her that is XD) and she is real caring of the poeple who matter to her :3

:iconkeiganak: What to say about this kid...well He is AWESOME! 8D ok THis guy seems to know everything about EVERYTHING! He is like a genious and he knows how to identify awesome art and story content, while also being a kind individual. He has introduced me to a wonderful slew of games (XBOX BROTHERS FOR LIFE! 8D ) and he is a very nice and caring guy...when he not be trollin XD. Never change bro.

there r others and I will put u all up soon :) I don'yt want 2 offend any one so plz don't take this peronally

special chat room:…

reminder /admin rename privclass Moderators


Wife(smexy) - :iconraynahero200:


cool sister :iconshelbkip:

Ninja sister: :iconaxelsgirl15:

Perverted Twin: :iconroxypaw:

jellyfish sister who wishes she could be a lemur (good times XD): :iconpixelfishy:

Excitible sister: :iconladyxarity:


Geeky Brother: :iconkeiganak:

Furry Brother: :icondead-eye-squeeky:


Girly girl Cousin: :icontoothypeas:

Rainbow Cousin: :iconzubwikawa:


Coyote: :iconpixelsnaxs:

Hamester: :iconkristi999:

Flying platypus: :iconxxwarriorcats1xx:

black cat in my back yard that eats my vegetation: :iconzrllosyn:

My cat that hacks my favorite chair! (THATS A BAD KITTY!) :iconlittle-ms-lizzy:

cat that sneaks into your house and steals your cake :iconblueraini:

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